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About EMpact

EMpact is a venture studio serving critical value chains in frontier markets by addressing chronic issues afflicting these markets and affecting our planet. EMpact drives change through the incubation of talent, then creating and incubating businesses that address the needs of key players in these value chains with focus on agriculture. The final step in this venture studio model is to extend pre-seed equity funding to the budding startups, handhold them through the initial phase of their growth journey, and then - over time - hand them over to later stage investors.

Agri value chains are critical for the future of the world.

Most of the economic value in critical value chains accrues toward the top, with frontier markets, who typically provide the raw material that feeds and fuels the world, are left with almost no value at all. Additionally, climate change is nearing at a tipping point, and the biggest impact is coming from how humans cultivate land, transport material, and consume goods. Farming can become the solution versus the problem, by shifting to regenerative practices that capture carbon, eliminate soil erosion, reduce irrigation requirements, improve yield, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals

EMpact addresses both these critical issues facing frontier markets and the world by creating local solutions and startups that address the needs and painpoints of key players in the global agriculture value chains through harnessing technology, innovation, and cross-border collaboration.

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EMpact co-develops platforms with our partners to drive sustainable innovation for local economies in frontier markets

Our unique approach brings together four types of partners around our own incubation and iteration model designed to create meaningful and scalable solutions to real problems

As an EMpact Fellow you: